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Padlet allows users to create boards where collaborators can add stickies with comments on a topic. These can include links, pictures, and videos. Then, others can "like" a post or respond to it. I recently used Padlet for students researching and debating a topic for opinion writing. They were able to post, comment, respond, and research with all of the classes in our grade level! 

This is a website where students can post videos as a means of discussion. Then, other students can reply with videos as well. I recently used this for students to create their own lessons for others on direct and indirect objects. It is very user friendly as well! 


I recently was gone from school and wanted to have students complete an assignment while I was gone that was going to be difficult to explain in my sub plans. So, I created a video, uploaded it to Google Classroom, and just had the sub share it! I use YouTube often, so I uploaded my video there and posted to Classroom. That way I could also share the link in case anything went wrong with Classroom. I just posted it as "unlisted" so it can only be viewed with the link. 

Google Classroom also allows you post videos straight to it. When you click to add an announcement from the website or the app, there is the option to add an attachment. Whether you choose to record on your computer, Chromebook, or phone, you can upload your video to your drive and attach from there, or attach straight from your device! 

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