Saturday, October 14, 2017

Classroom Maker Space

So, this is probably embarrassing to admit, but I drafted this over a YEAR ago and never published it, so I have so much more to say about Maker Space, now, but I thought I go ahead and leave the original post as it was. I think I intended to add photos and didn't, then I started my master's degree and you know how it goes. Anyway, here it is!

I am so excited! Last week, I received the items from my first Donor's Choose project! I hope that everyone has heard of Donor's Choose by now, but if not, check it out. It is a website where teachers can present and post projects that they need funded in their classrooms. You present your idea along with information about your class and then "go shopping." You fill your cart with the items needed and once your project is approved, people can start donating. Once the project is fully funded, the items ship straight to your school! I love that it is totally safe for people to donate to because Donor's Choose is in contact with the school itself and you see the exact list of what the teacher will receive.

Our principal has been talking about a school Maker Space since he went to a technology conference last year. Then, I saw a post on Instagram (I wish I could credit them, but I can't remember who it was!) about a classroom Maker Space and I knew I had to get this in my room. The idea behind a Maker Space is having an area where students can create and explore with technology. It aligns well with STEM or as I have just discovered STEAM. (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education and STEAM adds art to that mix.) My class this year especially is very artistic, so I have really gotten to like calling it STEAM.

Our project included a drone, tool sets (we will use these to take apart some old technology - hopefully a computer tower), K'Nex, a Makey Makey, and two Osmos.

We have spent some time exploring the new resources, but we only have had "Maker Space" once. Most of the kids didn't care where they went because they were so excited to try everything, so I just made a list on the board and let the students choose first who were set on a specific center and then drew sticks for the rest. We did this for about 45 minutes and the students really just got to create. I gave them a lot of freedom for the first time so they could explore and learn about the different things.

I am working on a new post to really describe more about my plan for the Maker Space and how it works because I had a difficult time finding information to help me get started. In the mean time, here are some pictures of my students enjoying our new "toys"!


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  1. I have a maker space and my students are soooo engaged when they get to use it.


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